A Legacy Rekindled

The house of A. Edmond Audry was founded in 1878 by the great-great-grandfather of the current owner. In the early 1950s, upon the death of Aristide Boisson who married Odette Audry in 1905, the Audry Company stopped selling cognac. However some very old stocks were held back in reserve in the hope that Audry would one day rise again to the fore. That day came in 1978 when Bernard Boisson decided to perpetuate the family tradition that had been dormant for four decades.

Audry Cognacs quickly graced the tables of some of the world finest and most widely acclaimed restaurants. They were available at exclusive retailers, receive the highest praise from connoiseurs and attracted flattering reviews in food and wine magazines : Hatier, le Cognac de A à Z : "Edmond Audry,  this discreet house is little known. This does not prevent connoisseurs from appreciating the quality of its production".

Revue des Vins de France : "Audry, small little known producer. Cognacs with a rich bouquet  and notes of aromatic citrus fruit. Their Très Ancienne Grande Champagne reaches the sublime".

Le Figaro : "Major tasting session, sixteen exceptional cognacs... Magnificient, some legentary bottles, third place Audry Très Ancienne Grande Champagne".

Cuisine et Vins de France : "... and an exquisite Fins Bois, "Très Ancien" from Audry with woody aromas of exceptional finesse".

So nobody had known Audry for nearly half a century and it reappeared on an exclusive niche market.

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